Need Better Raised Access Floor System ?

Changzhou Basic Computer Room Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional company integrated with delevoping、manufacturing、installing and serving. It awarded the honorable title of national high-tech enterprise,which provided with proprietary intellectual property rights in anti-static raised floor systems and electrical floor box series. It is a unique company in China which has possessed of high-tech products.

Main Business Scope:
Producing various kinds of raised floor systems and accessories

The total production capacity of Raised Floor Systems reaches 1.2 million square meters per year.



The data center projects and modern office projects contracted by Basic have been awarded “Chinese Superior Products” many times.


Marketing Ability


  • 1) Domestic marketing occupying 45%
    Marketing networks spread all over the country, having sales centers service centers in many cities
  • 2) Foreign marketing occupying 55%
    Basic products have been exported to more than 20 foreign countries and areas, such as USA、Canada、the Middle East、Singopare、Belgium、Brazil、Uruguay、Mongolia, etc. Basic has also set up business partner relationship with many international branded companies for better cooperation.





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